Notice: I am not an Elementor professional. There may be easier or alternative ways to approach this issue.

So many Elementor users have probably faced this issue: you’ve designed a template, added it to a bunch of pages using the New Section –> Add Template (from Library) feature, updated the template and… Oh. It didn’t update. So what happened?

You did update the template. But not all the instances of it on every. single. page. For months now, I’ve believed that the only option has been to remove the template section and re-insert it on every single page, but there is an easier way.

In Elementor Pro, there’s a little-known widget called “Template”. Using this instead of inserting a template (the other way), you will automatically update the template’s contents and design across all pages when you update the template.

So here’s how to get it working properly.

Step 1: Design your template

Within Elementor Templates, design the template that you want to use on your pages as you normally would.

Step 2: Create a second template

Now, this will sound a bit weird but bear with me. Create a second template and insert a Template widget. From the drop-down, select your first template. You may want to play around with the Widget, Column and Section’s padding and margins (in most cases, just set them all to 0), especially if you have a full-width template.

Step 3: Insert your template onto your pages as normal

Use the beloved “Add Template” button to insert the second template. Note, the second template will NOT be updated, only the first one that we enclosed within the second one.

And there you go! Now, you can update the first template and it will automatically change across all of the pages with the second template present.