Request for Footage: Leavers 2018 Extended Cut (2020)

Matthew Tyler-Howells, Oliver Smith and Peter Holdstock are producing a multi-hour long extended cut of the 40 minute St. Teilo’s Year 11 Leavers Video 2018, for release in July 2020.

We are asking for your photos and videos from prom [27 June 2018], the leavers’ assembly [25 May 2018] and any other photos from your time at St. Teilo’s. While we understand that most students have remained at St. Teilo’s, we will not accept photos taken after prom (we may include after parties, it depends on what footage is sent).

Methods of sending photos and videos

There are a few ways as to how you can send your photos and videos. Click on the one you want to use or just scroll down past this list.

Don’t forget to read the terms & conditions before you submit.

Optn 1: Using the Web Form

This is the easiest method and should be ideal for both you and us! Upload your photos and videos to a web service, such as Google Photos, Flickr, OneDrive, Google Drive, or Dropbox. Once everything is uploaded, create a sharing link so we can access it and use that link to fill out the web form.


We recommend using Google Photos to submit photos and videos, especially if you already use it. If you’re using the web interface (for PC and Mac), follow the instructions given in this guide:

Optn 2: Email

Emailing us isn’t recommended, but we will accept email submissions. Send photos either inline or as attachments (attachments are preferred) to:

Emails must be sent from public email accounts, such as Gmail, Outlook and Yahoo. Organisational email accounts may get blocked if your organisation doesn’t allow you to send externally.

Optn 3: Twitter

Also a non-recommended route, you can send us Twitter direct messages. You may get flagged for spam by Twitter, so it’s recommended that you don’t use this route for sending more than 10 images at a time. You may need to follow us and get us to follow you back so images can be sent successfully. Our Twitter handle is @submit2018_mnet. The private DM link is:

Terms & Conditions

All entries must be submitted by the web form, email ( or Twitter direct messaging (@submit2018_mnet) before January 1 2020 at 23:59. By sending your links to content or raw materials, you agree that any content you submit will become property of MATTHEW’S Media Networks and its divisions, with an additional usage licence agreement given to St. Teilo’s Media Department. Your content will make up the project file, meaning that your source images will be available for download from the MATTHEW’S Media Networks Archive for use by others who wish to remix the project. We (MATTHEW’S Media Networks and St. Teilo’s Media Department) may not credit you for your submission. We aim to use as many photos as possible, but some may not appear. This is for editorial reasons, and some submissions may be rejected if camera quality is poor or if the content is offensive or inappropriate. We will only be accepting content in media form: JPEG, JPG, PNG, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPG, MTS. All content must be related to St. Teilo’s and must be no later than the date of prom (27 June 2018). Prom after-parties may be considered, depending on the content submitted. Unfortunately, we cannot remove content from your submissions after you send them to us, nor can we censor content once the video has been published in June 2020.

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