Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith

Roles: Content Creator, Graphics
Profession: Media Production, Web Design
Birthday: 11 December
Year Joined: 2013

Oliver is a video editor and the lead graphics designer. Working with local communities such as St. Mellons Baptist Church, Oliver has been key in providing web packages and media solutions for both us and other businesses. For 5 years, he was a Director of Team Operations for the student-led media department of St. Teilo’s Church in Wales High School.

Featured projects by Oliver

St. Teilo’s PE Advert

Role: CamOp, Editor

St Mellons Baptist Church

Role: Web Designer, Web Manager, Graphics Design, Social Media

St. Teilo’s Leavers 2018 (Tyler-Howells, Smith & Holdstock, 2018)

Role: Director, CamOp, Editor, Graphics

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