Oliver Smith

Oliver Smith

Roles: Lead Content Creator, Motion Graphics, Network Manager
Profession: Unknown
Birthday: 11 December

As a member of MATTHEW’S Media Networks since 2013, Oliver has grown up with the brand; participating in over 200 projects. Originally a DJ for our defunct internet radio station MARDO, Oliver has adapted himself to all areas of production: from being a solo videographer to newscasting, vision mixing for a live broadcast to providing media training. In his latest Record+1 YouTube channel project, he has stepped back to the role of co-host.

Featured projects by Oliver

Be Still Worship Video (Loynd, 2016)

Role: Director, Videographer

BBC News School Report (Loynd, 2017)

Role: Host, Scripts, Editor

St. Teilo’s Leavers 2018 (Tyler-Howells, Smith & Holdstock, 2018)

Role: Director, CamOp, Editor